小野上温泉 旅館 きくむら
〒377-0311 群馬県渋川市村上328-1

群馬県・小野上温泉 旅館 きくむら


Welcome to 100% fresh hot spring, KIKUMURA

ONOGAMI-ONSEN is the most popular by ‘a thickened beauty water’ and high quality in GUNMA prefecture that has great ONSEN such as IKAHO ONSEN and KUSATSU ONSEN. We KIKUMURA has 100% fresh hot spring from the source directly. The meals are local vegetables and organic vegetables, the menu is homemade local soul KAISEKI style. You will find another you, in the little RYOKAN in ONOGAMI-ONSEN where you can feel warmth of wood and modern vibe of painted wall mixed with straw.

Basic information

Name OnogamiOnsen Ryokan Kikumura
address 328-1 Murakami Shibukawa-shi, Gunma prefecture
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※The inside of () In case of accommodation without dinner.

Beauty water ONSEN

Beauty water for smooth skin

ONOGAMI-ONSEN is known as ONSEN for beauty that you notice once you touch. The ONSEN has spouted recently where is a historical hot spring source based on SIOKAWA KOUSEN. The ONSEN is very attract lots of people that they believe here is the best spring compare to famous ONSENS such as IKAHO ONSEN and KUSATSU ONSEN. Just rice fields, mountains, rivers and static. Please enjoy the wealthy efficacy from the land where is loved by local people for a long time.

Hiba's semi open-air bath

Please enjoy the supreme time feeling seasonal wind in the Half open- air bath with made by HINOKI trees.

  • Beauty water
  • 美人の湯イメージ
  • Beauty water
  • Beauty water
  • Beauty water
Spring name Onogamionsen sachinoyu
quality sodium-Chloride hot spring(Alkaline hypotonic high Onsen)
temperature Source 46.8 ℃ Use temperature:40~43℃
efficacy Neuralgia、Muscle pain、Joint pain、Shoulder pain、Motor paralysis、 A bruise、Sprains、Chronic digestive disease、Hemorrhoid、 Recovery period after illness、
fatigue recovery、health promotion、Cut wound、 A burn、Chronic skin disease、
Frail child、Chronic lady disease and so on.
Contraindication Acute disease、active tuberculous、malignancy、
heavy heart disease、respiratory failure、kidney failure、Hemorrhagic disease、Severe anemia、
Other general disease activity disease in progress

※The spring source is not too hot so that we warm the water only winter, however, open-air bath is bit lower temperature.


RYOKAN KIKUMURA has warmth of wood, soft lights and painted walls with straw in that keep the moisture well. We have chosen the straw wall said that it can breath because Japan has four seasons.Even humidity is high or low, it can keep humidity properly, that offers you comfortable space. Also warmth of wood and soft lights make a great vibe. The opened reception, Japanese style building and lighting toward these is our vibe. We make up the space that you can be ease into natural material.


Japanese style rooms

Our guest rooms are all Japanese style. The wall of rooms are painted. The countryside scenery from the window, the Japanese doors in 2nd floor have unique design and quiet environment are our points. Those are little and simple rooms but it would becomfortable for you. Please feel free to come.


Every tables are separated so that you can have your own time.

Rooms 8 rooms・5 × 13.5㎡ rooms・a 10㎡ room
Bathroom 24hours available (except cleaning time) A stone tub A HINOKI tub The bathroom has half open-air bath made by HINOKI
Parking 25 parking for free・5 bicycle parking with roof
Other facilities Restaurant・Designed・smoking room

Local food

Our meals are KAISEKI style that is made by local fresh ingredients and branded local ingredients. Most important thing is to satisfy your mouth and make you feel the season by eye sight, so that we serve seasonal and fresh ingredients as simple atmosphere of rural ONNGAMI ONSEN. We care of all the spices, no sugar and use only natural sweetened, also oils and soy sauce are all non preservative. Our OMOTENASHI is serving different food every single stay. Enjoy the blissful moment by our original food.

deep fried tofu

Delicious local ingredients

Delicious local ingredients

GUNMA prefecture is not sorounded in ocean but mountains. No local seafoos, however, we have got a lot of kinds of branded ingredients from mountains by develop varieties. JYOUSYU MUGI PORK is ight and concentrated UMAMI, JYOSYU WAGYU BEEF is imported to overseas as well, GINHIKARI is the best rainbow trout bleeding for 3 years. KONNYAKU and vegetables are the most production amount in Japan. GUNMA prefecture has blessed by natural farms.Please come GUNMA to taste those delicious.